I'm an artist, what does arTag do for me?


arTag is designed for sharing information and helping ease the artwork supply chain. Electronically tagging makes the process simple.


"As an artist, I was struck by the difficulties of keeping track of my artworks, and the duplication of effort each time I sent works to an exhibition. Could I be sure I knew where things were, when and where did I paint that and what's the story behind it, what was I charging for it. I'm an artist not an admin specialist" 


hang on a second, where's that painting?

"I thought it was here!!"

Familiar refrain? When you are keeping track of things on a spreadsheet or card index, it is difficult to spot things, difficult to be sure you have updated your records. With arTag, one scan of the tag or QR code and the movement is registered. Done and dusted, now get back to your art.

Because it is so easy, you can be sure your records are up to date, so here you can see your piece is still at "Modern Art Buyer". 

Pictures from every angle, hi-res, thumbnail

Using the attachments feature, you can store all the photos and paperwork related to a piece in the same place, no more ferreting around or trying to remember where things are. Keep the paperwork private whilst allowing the public to see the pictures.

hvasser d.png

assistants b.png

got assistants who manage your works, no problem

With an Artists account, you can have multiple assistants with their own accounts linked to yours. When you set them up, you can also vary the level of privilege that they have, so, for example, an assistant may or may not be able to order new tags or change your subscription level. They may or may not be responsible for transferring pieces to galleries.