I'm a gallerist, what does arTag do for me?


arTag is designed for sharing information and helping ease the artwork supply chain. Electronically tagging makes the process simple.


"arTag was born from my experience as a gallerist having to deal with the administration of sending and receiving multiple works.  The time that it took to compile the information, images and prices into dispatch notes, labels and catalogues took up an unwarranted amount of time. Now with arTag you need only do this once."


Submissions made simple

If your artists are not already arTag users, then either invite them to join, or simply set them up as an Assistant. Either way, or if they are already an arTag user, will allow them to quickly and easily enter details on the works they are sending you, they tag them, wrap them up, stick a QR code on the packaging and "transfer" the works to you.

When they arrive, you can scan the QR code on the packaging to confirm contents and receipt, and store them until ready. No need to unpack until you are ready.

Labels - no bother

No need to enter any data, in arTag simply select the works you require labels for and press the Print Labels button. Don't like the format we provide? Simply choose the Export Labels option so that you can load the data into your own formats.



print artwork.png

Visitor to your gallery wants a printout of a picture

In 2 clicks, select the work and click Print Artwork and give your visitor an A4 printout of the work, your contact details and details of the work.