I'm a collector, what does arTag do for me?


arTag is designed for sharing information and helping ease the artwork supply chain. Electronically tagging makes the process simple.


"the arTag tool is a wonderfully simple way of recording and storing information about your works & if the effort to get going seems too much, drop us a line and perhaps we can help you, and don't worry, your data is private, nobody can see it unless you want them to."

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Keeping records of purchase and provenance

Not only can you store multiple photographs of your piece, attaching receipts, letters and historical documents is a breeze.

No more rooting around to find things, keep it all in one place, and you can even make a note to say where the original documents are.

Want to lend the work?

Then all you need to do is "Transfer" the piece within arTag and ask the recipient to confirm receipt by scanning it in at their end. Ideally they should be a subscribed user, but it can be done without so there is no excuse. If you do it this way you have one action to move it, are sure it has arrived and, if a while later you cannot remember where it is, no difficulty finding out.



Need a list of pieces for your insurance?

Simply go to the Print or Export section and you can print out a full or partial list, you can save it as a PDF to email, or, if the insurers want it, you can even send them a data file for them to load on their systems.