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Portfolio Management for artists, galleries and collectors, using electronic tagging for rapid retrieval

A simple, comprehensive and affordable way to manage your artworks and associated activities


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"As an artist, I was struck by the difficulties of keeping track of my artworks, and the duplication of effort each time I sent works to an exhibition. Could I be sure I knew where things were, when and where did I paint that and what's the story behind it, what was I charging for it. I'm an artist not an admin specialist."

"As a gallerist having to deal with the administration of sending and receiving multiple works.  The time that it took to compile the information, images and prices into dispatch notes, labels and catalogues took up an unwarranted amount of time. I wanted a way of doing things once not multiple times."

"Of course, nothing would be complete if a solution did not also help the collector. A wonderfully simple way of recording and storing information about your works, the provenance, invoices, restoration work & even producing lists for insurance purposes."

"And essential in any solution had to be simplicity of finding artworks from within a large group, and affordability in a marketplace of pricey products .

Key Features

Watch this "How to" video

arTag works on phones, tablets, laptops & desktop. Simple to use but not lacking in features. 


Finding an artwork

Scan the arTag electronic
tag attached to the artwork
with your phone or tablet &
up it pops.

A traditional search as you would expect.

Group your artworks by giving them descriptive easy recognition names.

QR code
For the non-arTag user or for putting on the packaging use
a QR code to retrieve the artwork.

Search filters
Refine your search with multiple filters to make it easier to find.

Artwork information

Basic information
Record the artist, a picture, type of piece, description of piece, dimensions, information about artist, price, ownership, where it is..... 

Go crazy
Store multiple photos including hi-res, any and all paperwork, catalogues....


Print Labels
Select one or multiple works & click on Print Labels.

Print Catalogues
Select the works you want in a catalogue and click on Print Catalogue.

Print Artwork
Select the artwork you want, click on Print Artwork and get an A4 information sheet.

Print a QR label
Need a label to put on the packaging, print a QR code and the recipient can easily identify what they are getting even if they don't have arTag.

Anything you have stored
If you have attached any documents, all can be extracted/printed.

Export information
If you don't want to print but export information for labels or catalogues, use the same process for a CSV file.

Services & Pricing

Our pricing is based on monthly or annual subscriptions for the software and a per tag fee for the electronic tags. We do differentiate between those using arTag as an archive, like a collector would, rather than a supply chain tool, as an artist or gallerist would. 

  • "White" - Free, up to 10 pieces

  • "Green" - £10pm, up to 200 pieces & 3 assistants 

  • "Orange" - £20pm, up to 1000 pieces & 5 assistants 

  • "Blue" - £65pm, up to Unlimited pieces & 10 assistants 

  • "Archive Vault" - £50 per annum, Unlimited pieces & 3 assistants 

  • electronic tags £1 (Archive users £5)

Need help getting going? 

  • "Telephone instruction" - first hour free for paying subscribers

  • "Load my artworks for me" - from electronic information provided £2 per item, on-site (including research and tagging) £200 per day (+ travel if not in the UK).

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